World’s first fully decentralized and encrypted messaging App Secretum Messager launches on Solana

Secretum Messager launches on Solana

Secretum will be the first fully decentralized messaging app to be launched in the world and it is expected to compete with the already existing centralized messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, and 530 million Facebook Messenger.

The app is built on the Solana blockchain allowing it access to high block speeds and low gas fees.

Solana is rapidly growing and its dominance within the blockchain industry is taking shape with an ecosystem of over 400 global projects.

Departing from the normal messaging apps

Messaging apps have become very popular around the globe and about 3.6 billion people use them around the world.

On average, a single person can share about 72 messages per day.

WhatsApp, for example, handles over 100 billion messages every day while WeChat handles over 205 million messages.

However, these messaging apps have had a share of challenges especially when it comes to cyber theft, hacking of personal data, and privacy violation.

Secretum Messager seeks to offer a solution to most of the challenges experienced by the current messaging apps that are generally centralized by offering a blockchain-based messaging application.

One of the key features that make Secretum Messager unique is that message information will not be stored in a central storage or cloud storage but rather within a blockchain.

There shall also be no moderators or servers. Messages will have end-to-end cryptographic encryption to ensure that messages between users are secure.

Users will also not be required to submit any personal information when registering like is the case with most of the other messaging apps. Secretum will only require a wallet address and the users will only be referred to using their public addresses.

Using Secretum for peer-to-peer crypto trading

Besides allowing users to send and receive messages, Secretum will also allow users to trade cryptocurrencies (both fungible and non-fungible).

This will revolutionize the way people interact and send crypto funds while maintaining the same anonymity coveted by most crypto users.

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