Revolutionary AV platform xtingles drops first sensory meridian response NFT tomorrow

xtingles, a mobile-first platform that stores Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) NFT art on the blockchain, will drop its first ASMR NFT tomorrow. It’s called “Free like a Butterfly” and it is about self-liberation. Xtingles’ dedicated ASMR NFT marketplace launch will take place on September 16 as well, Invezz learned from a press release.

A novel concept: Using NFTs to ‘break free from constructs’

Those who accessed the piece prior to its official launch have described the experience of “Free Like a Butterfly” as the sensation that everything is possible and the feeling of floating weightlessly in the clouds. xtingles’ first ASMR NFT drop on its marketplace signals the birth of new opportunities.

Andrew Fai, xtingles’ Chief Visionary Officer, explained the purpose of their first ASMR NFT:

“Free Like a Butterfly is an art piece about freeing yourself. It leverages the unique communicative qualities of ASMR to help you find a path to becoming who you truly are and breaking free from constructs.”

The flagship NFT will have a mint price of 29 FUSD, a stable coin backed by USD in a one to one ratio and issued on Flow Blockchain. It’s available for purchase by anyone who has a credit or debit card. The NFT will be accessible on September 16 at 11 AM EST (UTC 15 PM) and ending on September 21st at the same time.

Focus on a fun and pleasant experience

The majority of NFT drops is associated with high gas fees and intense FOMO. Over the long term, xtingles doesn’t believe the model is sustainable. Their focus is on a fun and pleasant experience for everyone involved. NFT collectors should be able to take part in their favorite ASMR NFT drops without any hassles.

People who don’t have FUSD, but want to access the artwork will undergo a “know your customer” (KYC) process with Moonpay. This is associated with a brief verification period.

Vision and mission

Xtingles’ vision is to create a community-first ASMR metaverse. Its mission: to give one billion people access to ASMR, its unique selling point.  

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