MiniDoge building one of a kind iOS and Android game series

MiniDoge Crush, the latest offering from MiniDoge, is for all those who were left wanting more after downloading MiniPets. This unique series of games for IOS and Android was a cross between Decentraland (MANA/USD) and Tamagotchi, which rewarded players based on daily engagement. Here’s what else Invezz learned from MiniDoge’s press release.  

MiniDoge Crush available for iOS and Android

MiniDoge Crush is available for Android users from the Google Play Store and for iOS from the Apple Store. Along with MiniDoge, it is a registered trademark or a trademark of MiniDoge in the US and/or other countries.

NFT collectibles in the future

Players of MiniPets could create as many pets as they wanted. Each pet had a unique character, but they all started out in an animal shelter and developed from there. Eventually, they were adopted and became adult pets. All of the pets lived in DOGEWorld and could earn MiniDOGE tokens by getting jobs or performing tasks. Pets could develop skills and attributes or buy clothes and other upgrades as the number of tokens they held increased.  

With DevTeamSix, players will not only be able to develop their pets, but also sell them as a collectible NFT. The new owner can use it to play and keep earning tokens within the MiniPets game. Players could buy cars and land and build properties, which was widely regarded as one of the most exciting parts of the game. Each asset owned in MiniPets helped enhance the value of each pet if the owner chose to sell them as an NFT in the marketplace.

“MiniDOGE tokens will also be available to spend through our partnership with Shopify and other merchants worldwide as a form of payment for online sold goods,” said DevTeamSix.

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