Cardano (ADA) launches another project in Africa, this time in Tanzania

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Cardano (ADA) has taken more steps to solidify its interest in the African market. The network recently announced another partnership in Tanzania to facilitate financial empowerment, digital identity, and internet connectivity to rural communities in the country.

Charles Hoskinson, chief executive officer of IOHK, Cardano’s parent company, commented on the development.

He stressed the importance of Africa in the massive adoption of cryptocurrency. According to Hoskinson, the penetration of cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa could surpass the rest of the world in the future. He added that Cardano’s interest in the continent is beginning to yield benefits.

Cardano’s interest in Africa grows

There has always been speculation that Cardano has partnered with one or more governments in Africa. The speculation intensified earlier this year following Hoskinson’s tweets about birds landing.

However, February passed, but there was no announcement to confirm the rumor or any other rumor. That didn’t stop people from speculating about massive projects Cardano is planning in Africa.

But Cardano announced on Tuesday about a partnership that aims to improve education and employment by recording and digitally verifying grades in Ethiopia through a blockchain.

Now the company has rolled out another project in Tanzania to build scalable infrastructure in the country.

ADA to be used as a payment method

The project will be carried out in partnership with World Mobile. It will offer mobile internet access and provide a digital identity to telecom customers, with ADA used as the payment method.

It will also provide frameworks for dealing with the issue of financial inclusion, especially lack of access to financial products and the issue of being unbanked.

Cardano says it wants to close the gap and provide real economic value. It’s part of Cardano’s overall “Africa Strategy”, which builds the adoption of Cardano in Africa for everyday people and businesses.

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