Bitrump sees a major surge in new user registrations

Bitrump is planning to list more utility tokens

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the UAE, Bitrump, recently reported a massive surge in the number of new users on its platform. According to the company, the surge took place over the course of one month.

Crypto exchange Bitrump’s user count on a sharp rise

The crypto industry has seen massive amounts of activity over the past several months. The DeFi sector became a massive new trend, central banks around the world started researching crypto and creating their own CBDCs, regular banks started offering crypto services, and even PayPal announced adding support for Bitcoin and a few other coins.

It is safe to say that the crypto industry is bigger and more popular than ever, and the last 30 days at Bitrump are certainly proving it. The company announced that the total number of sign-ups during this period is a new personal record.

This serves to show how the exchanges, both locally and globally, continue to see more traction and much greater and faster crypto trading across the globe.

Why is Bitrump attracting users?

Bitrump’s director, Xavier Perry, noted that the exchange was created with the idea to present the traders with a user-friendly platform. It has a simple architecture to fulfill the users’ exchange requirements, and so far, the response from the users has been great.

Bitrump even engaged in expanding its list of altcoins, which came in addition to regular updates that the exchange performs. Of course, it doesn’t plan to stop there, as the idea is to add even more cryptos, with its focus on utility coins, and diversify users’ trading options.

Not only that, but it also has quite favorable prices, at least compared to other local exchanges. Then, there is the fact that Bitrump has some of the best security in the region, as it employs multi-signature technology, key encryption, 2FA verification, protection from DDoS attacks, and more.

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