Posts October 2020

Verizon implements Ethereum Blockchain to track press releases

Chinese Digital Yuan to get featured in upcoming Huawei smartphone

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The U.S. may soon adopt blockchain in military weaponry operations

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Charles Hoskinson suggests hosting next elections on Cardano blockchain

Crypto News Cast For October 31st 2020 ?

Bitcoin price returns to $14k for the first time since January 2018

Latest IRS draft shows how to file taxes on your cryptocurrency transactions

TRON goes to off-chain data thanks to new JustLink oracle

Bitrump sees a major surge in new user registrations

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, says Jack Ma

Crypto News Cast For October 30th 2020 ?

Here’s a level at which you should buy Bitcoin (BTC) in November

DLT-based solution to help banks digitise financial instruments

Tax expert claims reporting is key in the process of filing crypto taxes

Chengdu, China wants to adopt blockchain for urban governance

Iran started using Bitcoin as a legal medium of exchange