Cryptocurrency News Cast For Jun 27th 2020 ?

Cryptocurrency News Cast 📮 27-06-2020

📈MarketCap:                     $258 B
📊24h Mcap %:                   -1.19%
⚠️Bitcoin Dom:                   64.70%
📌Active Coins:                   3,241
📍24h Vol %:                        17.89%
💲24h Vol:                            $51 B

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- Now Earn COMP By Learning About It On Coinbase
Coinbase customers can now earn five crypto assets Stellar, Tezos, EOS, Orchids, and now COMP, simply by learning about them on the crypto exchange Coinbase. The platform, which started with 0x (ZRX), has added rewards for those interested in learning. Coinbase has added support for Compound’s COMP token by "watching lessons and completing quizzes" about the money market protocol on the exchange's educational platform, Coinbase Earn. Coinbase intends to maintain its investment in Compound for the foreseeable future. Read Full on The Daily Hodl.

- Australian Shoe Manufacturers Using VeChain to Authenticate Nike Licensed Sneakers
An Australian custom shoemaker is using VeChain, a blockchain project to power the issuance of a limited-edition run of licensed Nike Air Max 1 shoes. Australian shoemaker Chase Shiel and retailer The Kickz Stand have partnered to produce a limited run of the sneakers. The shoes will go on sale from June 28 and will be sold exclusively through Chase Shiel’s website. Chase Shiel’s shoes are shipping with VeChain’s tracking chip, which allows customers and retailers to access detailed product information by scanning a QR code. Read Full on Twitter.

- Altcoins Outperforming Bitcoin So Far This Year
Bitcoin is set to be outperformed by altcoins, especially as banks continue to print money, according to research from crypto investment firm Pantera Capital. In its June Blockchain Letter published Wednesday, the hedge fund said that while an altcoin bull run the size of 2017’s is unlikely to happen again, we are in the midst of a bull market cycle and we will continue to be in one until next year. Currently, Bitcoin’s value is up 34% this year but Ethereum has shot up by 88%, while 0x and Augur have increased by 98% and 97% respectively. Read Full on Decrypt.

- Chamath Palihapitiya Views Bitcoin As Financial Doomsday Insurance
Virgin Galactic Chairman, Chamath Palihapitiya Says Bitcoin is a financial doomsday insurance, which is one reason people should invest 1% of their wealth in it. Palihapitiya said hard-working people need something like Bitcoin as insurance, as the cryptocurrency is “really fundamentally uncorrelated” to the consequences of legislators behaving badly. He said his first investment in Bitcoin was a purchase of 1 million BTC back in 2013, when the cryptocurrency was valued at around $80. Today, that sum is worth more than $9 billion. Read Full on dailyhodl.

- Cardano to Continue Incentivized Testnet Until Shelley Mainnet Launch
Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) team on June 25, 2020 has proposed to extend the Incentivized Test network until the Shelley mainnet launch scheduled for late July 2020. Through the test network, IOHK can in real-world context securely test how incentivization works while simultaneously allowing ADA holders to earn rewards whenever they delegate their stake or run a staking pool. According to IOHK, the extension of ITN would allow the Jormungandr team to test and prototype several ideas on the platform. Read Full on BTCMANAGER.

- Ethereum’s DeFi Flagship MakerDAO Is a “Cool Concept” Says Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht
With DeFi gaining steam, there have been new voices chiming in. One such voice commenting on DeFi is Ross Ulbricht, one of the earliest known Bitcoin adopters and the founder of the online marketplace Silk Road. He opened it by saying that he thinks the Maker Protocol is a “cool concept” yet noted that the structure of the protocol does have flaws and suggested a system where owners of Maker Vaults, which mint the DAI stablecoin, set fees for users of the protocol. Read Full on NewsBTC.

- Research: Satoshi Intentionally Mined Less Bitcoin
Sergio Demain Lerner, co-founder of Bitcoin startup RSK suggested from his research that “Satoshi Nakamoto likely curbed his hashrate in Bitcoin’s starting days. The miner kept his mining equipment off for the first 5 minutes of every “block interval”. According to Lerner’s research Satoshi Nakamoto intentionally mined less Bitcoin than possible because he may have wanted to give chance to other miners to get to the block before he could or for some other reasons. Read Full on Decrypt.

- IOTA Could Soon Launch Public Coordicide Testnet
IOTA (MIOTA) announced that its first Public Coordicide Testnet may launch soon as the new GoShimmer version v.02.0 is almost done. Coordicide is designed to end centralization within IOTA’s network by eliminating its coordinator node. The team has made it clear that the new update will come with more robust features. As per Hans Moog software developer at the IOTA Foundation statement this will be the first time that they have most of the building blocks of coordicide in actual node implementation. Read Full on BTCMANAGER.

- American Company Will Buy 17K Bitcoin Mining Machines From Bitmain
American blockchain hosting provider Core Scientific will buy more than 17,000 Bitcoin mining machine S19 Antminers from Bitmain, as American mining interest is rising. It will be the largest number of S19 machines purchased by a single blockchain hosting company, according to Core Scientific. Kevin Turner, president and CEO of Core Scientific said that Core Scientific has received and begun testing the first of Bitmain’s newest ASIC miners, and has been successful in increasing existing hash rate to achieve a 110 TH/s ± 3%. Read Full on cointelegraph.

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