Cryptocurrency News Cast For Jun 24th 2020 ?

Cryptocurrency News Cast 📮 24-06-2020

📈MarketCap:                    $265 B
📊24h Mcap %:                   -3.58%
⚠️Bitcoin Dom:                   64.60%
📌Active Coins:                  3,228
📍24h Vol %:                        2.35%
💲24h Vol:                           $69 B

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- Bitfinex Soon To Launch P2P Protocol Dazaar For Data Streaming
The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange announced that it is launching a Dazaar, an open-source P2P protocol for data streaming on June 25th, 2020. Dazaar is developed as an extension to the Hypercore Protocol that will be highly focused on hyper-scalability, end-user privacy, and decentralization with no third-party intermediaries involved based on Lightning-powered micropayments. The interaction will be purely between “sellers” and “buyers”. It supports any cryptocurrency as payment and potentially even credit cards. Read Full on Crypto.U.Today.

- Max Keiser Says, Buy Bitcoin, Protests “Do Nothing”
Max Keiser a popular TV personality said, Bitcoin (BTC) is the only effective way for Americans to empower themselves and protests do not work. According to Keiser, those attending the protests in Floyd’s memory must take back their financial sovereignty to affect their personal change, and the only way to get there is through savings in Bitcoin. Also, as per, Stephen Roach, a Yale economist believes that due to propping up the economy, the Fed’s inconceivable $7.2 trillion balance sheet will never shrink. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

- Italian Banking Association Ready To Execute Digital Euro
The Italian Banking Association(ABI) announced it is ready to start work on a European central bank digital currency. The ABI mentioned that “monetary stability” and respecting regulations related to a digital euro as two of its top priorities. The association stated that the creation of a European CBDC may allow for a greater number of cross-border P2P transactions, lessen the impact of the interest and exchange rates, and overall just reduce the size of the bureaucratic process for payments. Read Full on cointelegraph.

- Comic Series With 10 Million Hidden Satoshis
Bitcoin zine Citadel21 has launched an episodic comic series and you could win actual BTC by reading it. The issue currently has the first two episodes of a webcomic entitled “Bulltardia,” a Bitcoin-inspired fable. And hidden over the course of the complete story, which will release gradually in the months to come, is a 12-word seed phrase to access a stash of Bitcoin. According to the publication, there is 10 million satoshis—available to whomever pieces together the seed phrase via clues from the webcomic. Read Full on Decrypt.

- Billions Worth Of Bitcoin Moved For $7
Whale alert reports that a so-called whale has transferred the equivalent of $2.24 billion in bitcoin for less than $7. The crypto tracking tool said the bitcoin (BTC) whale sent a total of 241,500 BTC in seven successive transactions within one hour. Each transaction, made separately to unknown wallets, contained between 27,000 and 40,000 BTC. According to the transaction data, each transfer cost around 0.0001 BTC or just $0.93, giving a total of about $6.51 for the seven transfers. Read Full on Bitcoin News.

- Bitcoin may hit a $50,000 With Just 1% Institutional Investors: Messari
Messari says Bitcoin Price may hit $50,000 if institutional investors, including pension funds, endowments & foundations, family offices have at least 1 percent of their net portfolio worth into it. Ryan Watkins, a researcher at Messari said, an aggregate 1% institutional allocation to Bitcoin can easily bring Bitcoin’s market cap above $1 trillion. The analysis anticipated a capital inflow worth hundreds of billions of dollars into the cryptocurrency market which might get further multiplied by 2x-25x due to higher “liquidity and reflexivity.” Read Full on Bitcoinist.com.

- 83% of Bitcoin Addresses Currently Profitable
According to Glassnode data, approximately 83% of existing Bitcoin (BTC) addresses are currently profitable which is more than doubled the number of profitable BTC addresses in a short time. This is an increase of no less than 43%, since the crash in March 2020. At the time, only 40% of BTC addresses were profitable, which has now bottomed out in 2020. As per the new data, the highest proportion of addresses in profit this year reached 89% on June 1, when the price of bitcoin rose above $10,400, it’s highest level in nearly four months. Read Full on Twitter.

- Swiss SEBA Bank Launches “Dual Currency Certificate" For BTC/USD
Switzerland’s SEBA Bank has developed a USD Dual Currency Certificate for BTC/USD, aimed at investors who wish to benefit from the high level of the cryptocurrency’s volatility. Guido Bühler, CEO of SEBA Bank AG, said the launch of the Dual Currency Certificate on BTC/USD shows how traditional banking and crypto finance are converging. The certificate is publicly distributed in Switzerland and is available in other countries as a private placement. The product is open for subscription from today until July 7. Read Full on theblockcrypto.

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