Cryptocurrency News Cast For Jun 10th 2020 ?

Cryptocurrency News Cast 📮 10-06-2020

📈MarketCap:                   $278 B
📊24h Mcap %:                    1.10%
⚠️Bitcoin Dom:                  65.00%

📌Active Coins:                  3,181
📍24h Vol %:                       -0.20%
💲24h Vol:                           $73 B

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1. Brave Collaborates with K-Pop's and Esports
Cryptocurrency-powered web browser Brave is partnering with the Korean pop group BTS and Rush Gaming to provide a limited edition release of its browser. According to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper, Brave Browser and BTS — AKA the Bangtan Boys — have developed a browser exclusively for users in Japan that aim to find a new touchpoint between idols and fans. Brave has recently reported that the number of monthly active users on the browser had increased by 125% over the past year, reaching 15.4 million people at the end of May. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

2. Winklevoss Twins AKA Bitcoin Billionaires Coming To Silver Screen
Winklevoss twins are bringing their life journey to the silver screen along with former Warner Bros. president Greg Silverman. They have came together to produce a movie featuring the brothers’ story as portrayed in the best-selling book Bitcoin Billionaires written by the American author Ben Mezrich in 2019. Bitcoin Billionaires Highlights the Winklevoss’ journey from winning the lawsuit against Facebook in June 2011 to investing $11 million in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2013 and becoming the world’s first crypto billionaires. Read Full on decrypt.

3. 80% of institutional Investors Are Interested In Crypto
The overwhelming majority of investors are interested in digital assets, a survey conducted by asset-management giant Fidelity has found. The survey, covering nearly 800 investors in the U.S. and Europe, found that nearly 80% of institutional investors are giving digital assets a closer look. It also found that more than a third of such investors have already directly or indirectly invested in the market. Compared to 2019, the portion of U.S. investors who hold digital assets increased from 22% in 2019 to 27% this year. Read Full on The Block.

4. Gen Z Prefers Bitcoin To Fight Against Corrupt Government
The United States has been creating military simulations, otherwise known as ‘war games,’ for years now. The game is a theory or simulation of events created theoretically, so analysts can discover what could happen if certain things transpired. This week a report indicated that Pentagon officials have purportedly created a war game that involves Generation Z (Gen Z), fighting a corrupt government run by financial incumbents and corporate entities and the rebels leveraged bitcoin to fight a corrupt system. Read Full on Bitcoin News.

5. Germany's Xetra Digital Stock Exchange Will List Bitcoin ETP
London-based ETC Group will list the first crypto exchange-traded product (ETP) on Germany's Xetra digital stock exchange this month. Traders in the UK, Italy and Austria will also be able to deal in shares of the new product. Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto (BTCE), an ETP, will launch on Deutsche Börse Xetra after it receives approval from German financial regulators. BTCE tracks the price of Bitcoin and is physically backed by the cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin will be held in cold storage by digital asset custodian BitGo. Read Full on cointelegraph.

6. Bank of Korea revealed a new 10-year Plan, Focuses on Blockchain and CBDCs
The Bank of Korea is giving blockchain technology and CBDCs a greater priority, with many initiatives planned to be launched in the new 10-year. South Korea’s central bank, is ramping up its efforts on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), as local media outlets reported that there is an increase in collaboration with external organizations and career hiring. The overall strategy focuses strongly on blockchain technology. Furthermore, later this year, a ‘digital innovation room’ will be launched as a working department. Read Full on BeInCrypto.

7. Bitcoin miners created $366.4 million in revenue during May
Bitcoin miners across the world generated an estimated $366.4 million in revenue during May, despite the halving, which reduced mining rewards per block from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.bitcoin transaction fees accounted for a higher share in the total revenue generated in May - at 8.3% - as compared to just 1.5% in April that was the highest monthly share since January 2018. The May revenue is just 11% down from April revenue of $412.5 million. Read Full on The Block.

8. Zee Entertainment using DLT for real-time ad tracking
Zee Entertainment, a pioneer in the Indian television entertainment industry, with a market capitalization of $2.5 billion, has joined forces with AdsDax a distributed ledger technology powered platform that aims to reinvent the advertising ecosystem with blockchain technology and to execute real-time micropayments. AdsDax, a Hedera Hashgraph -powered decentralized ad marketplace has made it clear that it has been carrying out real-time, transparent, and cost-efficient advertising campaigns for Zee Entertainment. Read Full on BTCMANAGER.

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