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💲24h Vol:                    $113 B

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1. Akon to Launch Its Cryptocurrency on Stellar Blockchain
Multi platinum-selling recording artist and co-founder of Akoin Cryptocurrency, Akon has chosen Stellar blockchain to build his cryptocurrency ecosystem. He said, Akoin selected Stellar’s distributed, hybrid blockchain due to a shared vision for creating global financial inclusion, particularly in areas such as Africa. The Akoin utility token will be compatible with Stellar wallets and interoperable with all digital assets and fiat currencies supported by the Stellar network. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

2. Price Analysis Feb 28: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LINK
If the bulls successfully defend the 200-day moving average on several major cryptocurrencies it might offer buying opportunities for traders. The bulls are attempting to keep Bitcoin (BTC) above the 200-day simple moving average at $8,758. The bulls attempted to stage a recovery on Feb. 27, which hit a roadblock at $238.258. After the sharp fall on Feb. 26, the bulls attempted a pullback on Feb. 27 but they could not propel XRP above the 200-day SMA at $0.25232. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

3. David Schwartz: Third-Party Cryptos Could Launch on XRP Ledger
Ripple is developing a feature that could allow users to mint asset-backed tokens directly on top of XRP Ledger, the firm's tech chief has said. Chief Technology Officer at Ripple David Schwartz said Ripple is working on "exciting" new features to broaden the ledger's functionality and allow third-party users to introduce other cryptocurrencies into the XRP ecosystem. He told, Stablecoins is the obvious use case, but it's not just stablecoins it's essentially assets pegged to some external value. Read Full on CoinDesk.

4. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Uses R3’s Blockchain for Financial Processes
The world’s biggest airlines, Air France-KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines has partnered with Dutch software startup Unchain.io in order to explore the potential benefits of blockchain technology for its business and internal processes. Firm has successfully delivered a strategic finance application for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in partnership with enterprise software firm R3. The solution intends to simplify KLM’s accounting process and settlements by implementing R3’s Corda — an open-source enterprise blockchain platform. Read Full on unchain.

5. Report: Massive $68 Trillion Wealth Transfer Bullish for Bitcoin
Millennials will likely funnel a portion of massive wealth, inherited from their parents and grandparents to bitcoin due to devaluation of fiat and shift from gold to BTC. Massive transfer of wealth is one of the single largest reasons to be bullish on Bitcoin, according to crypto influencer Nick Chong. Chong, a journalist and marketer at the HTC Exodus Bitcoin division told millennials will inherit $68 trillion from baby boomers and Confluence of distrust in institutions and the growth of digital tech will lead to Bitcoin investing. Read Full on The Daily Hodl.

6. Bitstamp adds full support for SegWit bitcoin addresses
Crypto exchange Bitstamp, recognized as one of the 10 exchanges with “real” trading volumes by Bitwise, has added full support for SegWit (bech32) bitcoin addresses. The move will allow Bitstamp’s users to generate new bitcoin deposit addresses in bech32 format, as well as to withdraw bitcoin in such addresses. SegWit is an optional protocol upgrade to blockchain networks, which help accommodate more transactions in one block (1MB size) and thereby help reduce fees per Read Full on The Block.

7. Australian Judge Says Crypto Is a Legitimate Investment Vehicle
As part of a defamation case in front of the New South Wales, or NSW district court, Judge Judith Gibson allowed cryptocurrency usage as collateral. This is a recognized form of investment, Gibson said. As part of the defamation case, the NSW court stated the accusing party must place $20,000 AUD, or approximately $13,000 USD, in a bank account guarded by the courts. Instead of a bank account, the court allowed the plaintiff to use their cryptocurrency exchange account. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

8. Anthony Pompliano: DeFi Mechanisms Are Being Built On Top of Bitcoin
VC investor and BTC bull Anthony Pompliano insists that developers are favouring the Bitcoin ledger, rather than Ethereum, for making DeFi dapps. Pomp became engaged in a discussion with the cryptocurrency educator and YouTuber Brad Laurie. The latter supports Ethereum as the basis for DeFi, calling ETH the tech backbone. However Pompliano responds to that, saying that he has had four dev teams pitch him on different DeFi ideas to be implemented on the Bitcoin ledger recently. Read Full on twitter.

9. IOHK to focus on educating the world on Cardano in 2020
IOHK, the company behind the Cardano blockchain, has announced that it will begin prioritizing education this year. The company laid out an extensive plan for 2020 that will see more education materials, lectures, and courses published in order to bridge the gap between the company’s academic papers and mainstream understanding of Cardano. The company said that over 5,000 users have signed up for their free Udemy courses on Plutus and Marlowe. Read Full on CryptoSlate.

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