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1. New Zealand Proposes to Free Crypto From Some Taxes to Promote Growth
New Zealand’s tax authority has issued new proposals on the Goods and Services tax (GST)-related policy in regard to cryptocurrencies and is seeking public feedback on the issue. Specifically, the regulator proposes to exempt cryptocurrencies from both the GST rules and the financial arrangements rules, while crypto-related services such as exchange services and mining will continue to be subject to the existing GST and income tax rules. Also Users of certain crypto will have to pay income tax on unrealized gains and losses. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

2. ConsenSys Spins Off Health Division to Tackle US Healthcare Issues
ConsenSys, the Ethereum-focused company founded by Joseph Lubin, announced that it will spin off its health division. The new ConsenSys Health company will develop blockchain use cases to tackle issues in the U.S. healthcare industry. According to ConsenSys, blockchain can improve on this by addressing the rising costs of research and administration. Making data sharing safer and faster, expanding access to care and engaging patients directly are some of the initiatives where blockchain can help. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

3. Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin Could Become Next Global Reserve Currency
Morgan Creek Digital Co- founder Anthony Pompliano has predicted that due to Bitcoin's monetary policy, it could become the next global reserve currency. As Sweden's Riksbank has started testing e-krona. Pompliano believes that more central banks will follow. However, he told, it doesn't mean that their digital currencies are going to replace Bitcoin. He believe that the Bitcoin monetary policy is superior to central banks' monetary policy and ultimately, Bitcoin will be the winner, and will be the next global reserve currency at some point in the future. Read Full on twitter.

4. WikiLeaks Bitcoin Address Sees Crazy Number of Donations
WikiLeaks has accepted more than 4,043 bitcoin in donations on its old address, worth an eye-watering $39 million. Just about a week ago, WikiLeaks changed its chief Bitcoin address, already accruing significant donations. WikiLeaks now holds about 6.12 BTC in its new wallet. A message signed with the old private key pointed to the new donation address. Just to remember, BTC donations may not be entirely anonymous, and there may be attempts to trace some of the assets. Read Full on Bitcoinist.com.

5. Warren Buffet is “Threatened” by The Rise of Decentralized Economy: Tim Draper
Disagreeing with Warren Buffet's latest anti-bitcoin tirade claimed cryptocurrencies weren’t a productive investment, Tim Draper retaliated: “Of course he’s not going to like it. He sees a huge threat to his holdings.” Explaining that Buffet has 50% of his portfolio built around investments such as banks and insurance companies, and this will change dramatically for the worse with the rise of a decentralized economy. Read Full on The Daily Chain.

6. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Promoting ‘Bitcoin and Black America’
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is promoting Off the Chain podcast featuring Isaiah Jackson, the author of “Bitcoin and Black America." Jackson’s book “explores the synergy between black economics, Bitcoin and blockchain.” Jackson explains why he thinks the black community missed the internet and in order for the black community to become competitive from an economic standpoint, buying Bitcoin is not enough. The key is to become builders of products that consumers will use in the future. Read Full on Twitter.

7. Lebanese Turning to Bitcoin Amidst Severe Financial Crisis
As the current financial crisis rocking Lebanon continues to intensify, Lebanese citizens are increasingly looking to bitcoin to escape the country’s crippling economic situation. Lebanon joins the list of countries whose citizens have turned to the top cryptocurrency to counter the financial crisis. The report states that a group of bitcoin traders reported a significant increase in trading volume following the emergence of capital controls in November 2019, with the traders recording a monthly volume of $1 million. Read Full on aljazeera.

8. Ripple Extends its Services in South Korea
Ripple is extending its blockchain-based payments network sevices via RippleNet in South korea with money transfer firms Sentbe, Hanpass and WireBarley. These firms aim to facilitate faster and cheaper cross-border payments via RippleNet. Sentbe focuses on the South-and Northeast Asia corridor, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and China; Hanpass focuses on South Korea; and WireBarley provides services in the Australian corridor, as well as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Read Full on ripple.

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