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1. Crypto Wallets Has Seen a 300% Increase in Last Three Years
As of Q3 of 2019, more than 40 million cryptocurrency wallets have been opened, representing a threefold increase in just three years. In Q3 of 2016, there were less than 10 million registered cryptocurrency wallets. However, as of Q3 of 2019, that figure had exploded to over 40 million. However, it is presumed that not every person using crypto is tied to only one wallet. Also one more thing to notice is, within all these data points there is a common trend— growth. Read Full on BeInCrypto.

2. Crypto-Backed Virtual World Decentraland Goes Live
Decentralaland, which raised more than $20 million during its initial coin offering (ICO) held in 2017, has officially launched its virtual reality world living on the Ethereum blockchain. Members of the Decentraland ecosystem who currently hold its native altcoin, MANA. are now scampering to trade goods and services in the Decenraland ecosystem, with about $1 million worth of virtual land already sold in the last 10 days, making Decentraland’s virtual properties the hottest assets on the Ethereum blockchain at the moment. Read Full on cointelegraph.

3. Japan's Financial Regulators To Discuss Crypto Asset Creation
Japan’s Central Bank and Finance Ministry have set out to discuss the issues pertaining to creation of crypto asset. Japan, which is one of the most favorable markets for public digital assets, may also get a boost from a favorable stance to issuing a blockchain-based crypto yen. As per report, in the past month, the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Japan, and the Financial Services Agency (FSA) met to discuss the potential of Japanese Central Bank Digital Currency and the the effect of CBDCs on the currently highly dollarized global economy. Read Full on Bitcoinist.com.

4. Dan Pena Reveals Russian President Putin is Behind Bitcoin Creation
American businessman Daniel Steven Peña also known as Dan Pena claims to know who he is the person behind bitcoin. He believes bitcoin is a Russian conspiracy designed to overtake the world financially, and the man behind leading cryptocurrency is non-other than Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also claimed that BTC would inevitably go down to zero. However, the American businessman did not have any proof to back up his outrageous claims. Read Full on Coinnounce.

5. Bitcoin Inflation Rate Will Be Lower Than Most Central Banks
Bitcoin (BTC) has often been discussed as a tool to combat inflation. This is because there is a fixed supply of BTC which can’t ever be exceeded. Bitcoin’s max supply is estimated to be hit around 2140. As of now, bitcoin’s inflation rate is about 3.6%. However, after halving, this rate will be cut in half with major consequences and bitcoin inflation rate will drop to 1.8% which is by comparison lower than most central banks which have an inflation target of 2%. Read Full on twitter.

6. The Simpsons Just Ran a Crypto Segment
Cryptocurrency got their own segment, albeit brief, on The Simpsons. To create hype for the episode (S31, E13) of The Simpsons being released on Sunday night, the show released a short segment of the upcoming episode where a Simpsonified Jim Parsons is explaining crypto currency. During the segment, Parsons briefly explained how blockchain is essential to the function of Crypto, then explained how the chain works, including its distributions and how blocks are added to the chain and also presented crypto as the cash of the future. Read Full on youtube.

7. Charles Hoskinson: Next Two Months Will Be ‘Wild’ for Cardano
Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson, told the Cardano community to brace themselves for something big that is coming in the next few months. In his tweet, Hoskinson recounted how he met with his product managers to discuss Cardano’s progress so far, new ideas and also what is soon to happen in the market. Following these discussions, Hoskinson opined that there are so many developments happening behind the scenes in the Cardano ecosystem and the next two months are going to be wild. Read Full on twitter.

8. Former CFTC Chair Giancarlo Says Fed Should Create a Digital Dollar
Christopher Giancarlo, Former Chairman of Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) says it’s time for Federal government to create digital Dollar that is equivalent to the digital gold Bitcoin in order to compete with China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC). Giancarlo highlighted that online shopping would benefit from the U.S. offering a digital payment option as there won’t be any intermediary fees involved like with the traditional debit and credit cards. Read Full on Cointelegraph.

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