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1. Nimbus Receives Ethereum Foundation Grant to Work on Light 2.0 Client
The Ethereum Foundation awarded a $650,000 grant to Nimbus for continuing its work on light Ethereum 2.0 clients. The project’s goal is to allow smartphones and embedded devices to run smart contract-capable nodes. These funds will be used to get Nimbus into a production-ready state, as the next milestones will involve the testing and eventual release of a client supporting Ethereum’s beacon chain. Like existing Ethereum (ETH) clients such as Mist and Parity, Nimbus will allow users to connect to the upcoming Ethereum Serenity network. Read Full on Cointelegraph

2. Binance’s US to Introduce Staking Rewards 
Binance.US, the U.S. cryptocurrency trading platform of major crypto exchange Binance, will introduce stacking rewards in February. Staking rewards will be made available for Algorand (ALGO) and COSMOS (ATOM) starting next month. Furthermore, the exchange announced plans to add other Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coins later. Staking is an activity possible on PoS-based blockchains that allows the network’s nodes to validate blocks by holding cryptocurrency as collateral. Read Full on binance

3. Zcash community votes to allocate 20% of mining rewards to development
The Zcash community has voted on a new methodology for distributing network mining rewards to support the development of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. Per the voting decision, 20% of the Zcash mining rewards will be allocated to a development fund, while miners will get 80% as of block 1,046,400. The development funds will be distributed among different parties. Electric Coin Company will get 7% of mining rewards, the Zcash Foundation will get 5% and the rest 8% will be used for grants to third-party developers. Read Full on The Block

4. Bitcoin Is Re-Entering A Bull Market, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Confirms
Fundstrat’s head of research asserts that Bitcoin has crossed its two hundred day moving average. This move represents a notable market move, and supports evidence that the leading crypto-asset will experience big gains this year. Lee has also stated that Bitcon’s year-to-date gain of 26% represent the largest of any major asset class, with the cryptocurrency’s use as a safe haven asset being a likely contributor. It’s also worth noting that BTC price has moved up further since this tweet. Read Full on Bitcoinist.com

5. Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Says Blockchain to Solve Data-Privacy Crisis
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser believes Blockchain technology is an important tool in addressing the data protection crisis. Kaiser expressed confidence that emerging technologies like blockchain will help people protect their personal data, which is, per Kaiser, the most valuable asset in the world. Kaiser said that she is excited to see some blockchain-powered social media solutions, while opposing social media giant Facebook as well as its messenger WhatsApp. Read Full on Cointelegraph

6. Coinbase CEO Recommends Crypto As US Debt Skyrockets
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has recommended crypto-assets, once again, as the solution to economic woes, debt-monetization, and other problems facing the global economy. Armstrong Tweeted his endorsement for crypto-assets and went on to cite a report which projects that US national debt will increase to 98% of GDP by 2030. He said, Millenials and Gen Z, who have grown up with the internet, are far more comfortable with the idea of digital currencies and tokenization of real-world assets than older investors. Read Full on twitter

7. Ripple's MoneyTap Gets Investment From Second Largest Bank in Japan
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), the second-largest banking institution in Japan, has partnered with SBI Holdings to build a Blockchain-based financial service platform. SMBC plans to put money into the companies of the Japanese financial conglomerate to expand the use of the distributed ledger technology in trade finance and individual bank remittances. As part of the tie-up, the mega-bank decided to invest in the blockchain-powered payments app MoneyTap, which was developed by Ripple and SBI Holdings. Read Full on U.Today

8. Andrew Yang: Regulations Can’t Stop People To Buy Crypto
According to Andrew Yang, who is running for the 2020 US Presidency, the country needs to provide more clarity on cryptocurrency regulations and come up with a uniform set of rules that would govern the industry. However, he ultimately thinks that regulators wouldn’t be able to stop people from buying Crypto. Yang also mentioned that he believes the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, has a “very very high potential” and that they should be investing in it. Read Full on CryptoPotato

9. Coinbase Launches International Cryptocurrency Custody Arm
Coinbase has established an entity in Ireland to expand its crypto custody services to European institutions. The new unit, dubbed Coinbase Custody International, will be based in Dublin, Ireland. While Coinbase Custody has been serving European clients in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands since 2018, a new dedicated entity allows for completely localized service. Per the announcement, this will bring the advantages of local staff, localized service-level agreements and clearer compliance with EU law. Read Full on The Block

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