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📮 29-12-2019

📉 MarketCap:                  $196 B
📊 24h Mcap %:                 -0.13%
⚠️ Bitcoin Dom:                 67.7%

📌 Active Coins:                2,425

📍 24h Vol %:                  -14.5%
💲 24h Vol:                     $45 B

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1.  Looking back, betting on BTC prices brought an upward daily move in about 64% of instances in the past two years. However, the exact size of the gains remained unpredictable. Recent analysis shows how days in the green and in the red were distributed in the past two years. Bitcoin showed marked periods when earnings were virtually guaranteed. Then, there were bear markets that erased almost all previous gains. Now, BTC has entered a mixed stage, where there is no clear trend. Read Full on

2.  The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is partnering with Ethereum mobile wallet provider AlphaWallet to tokenize 20,000 VIP tickets for the 2020 UEFA Euro Tournament. This is the second time AlphaWallet has worked in a large soccer competition. Last year, it partnered with Chinese sports organization Shankai for the FIFA World Cup. CEO of AlphaWallet, Victor Zhang told Digital Journal last week that “the UEFA Exclusive Sales Agent provides money, tickets and trust anchor, we provide technologies.” Read Full on Decrypt

3.  According to a survey administered by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media. The survey showed that there was around fifteen percent of companies in the nation that believe blockchain will somehow alter society and the economy as much as the internet has. Last year in 2018, the Association found that over sixty percent of the German people were aware of what Bitcoin actually was. This figure was double what it was back in 2016 when the same survey was conducted. Read Full on cryptodaily

4.  While the United States’ regulations surrounding blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies need clarity, countries like China, Russia seem to be making headway. Sergey Gorkov chairman of Vnesheconombank, a major Russian state-owned bank recently revealed his support for a new blockchain research institute and he further elaborated on his views about blockchain tech. Comparing blockchain tech to the Internet, Gorkov said "Those who don’t deal with blockchain today will end up in the Stone Age in 20-30 years." Read Full on AMBCrypto

5.  TRON (TRX) will be unlocking 33B TRX on Jan 1, 2020. What these tokens will be used for has yet to be determined. TRON will be starting 2020 with a massive token unlocking which will increase its current circulating supply of 66B by 50%. The TRON Foundation locked the funds months after it migrated from Ethereum to its own mainnet. Opinions on what should be done with the 33B TRX split the community. Some argue it should remain locked away, while others say that a portion of it should go to developers on the TRON network. Read Full on BeInCrypto

6.  Bitcoin has risen from USD 3,700 on New Year’s Eve 2018 to USD 7,200 currently, a 95% gain.The latter half of 2019 has been bearish, which makes it easy to forget how much value Bitcoin has gained this year. Reaching as low as USD 6,500 in mid-December Bitcoin is now back up to USD 7,200, bringing hope that a bottom has been reached and Bitcoin will begin to rise again as 2020 begins. Even though the United States stock market has had a banner year and is at all-time highs, the S&P 500’s gain of 30%.

7.  CryptoDiffer’s latest report focused on the top coins held in prominent cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase says that Bitcoin and XRP are were the most traded cryptocurrency on Coinbase. As per the report, about 76 percent of XRP was being bought, making it the highest bought cryptocurrency and only 24 percent of the coin was sold. With 74 percent, Bitcoin was the second most bought coin on Coinbase and about 26 percent of the king coin was sold. ETH and LTC recorded a 66 percent and 56 percent of buying activity, respectively. Read Full on AMBCrypto

8.  According to a recent Korean report, three of TRON-based decentralized applications will be available on of the bestselling smartphones launched by the tech giant, such as the flagship Galaxy S10. Two of the new app additions are dubbed Super Player and Blockchain Cuties. The latter is one of the most popular games among Samsung users, as a fantasy-based collectible blockchain game. Before inducting those games, Samsung already had numerous of similarly-based dApps – Dozer Bird, Dark Town, Links Puzzle, and Cryptophishing. Read Full on digitaltoday

9.  The National Power Training Institute, under India’s Ministry of Power, is offering blockchain training in multiple cities throughout the country. Participants will learn about blockchain technology, its use cases, smart contracts, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and even mining. ne will be on Jan. 6 -10 in Nangal, followed by one on Feb. 17 – 21 in New Delhi, and then on March 16 – 20 in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. The Indian government-backed learning platform Swayam also offers courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, one of which is scheduled to start in February. Read Full on Bitcoin News

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