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📮 20-12-2019

📉 MarketCap:                  $191 B
📊 24h Mcap %:                 -0.56%
⚠️ Bitcoin Dom:                 67.6%

📌 Active Coins:                2,466

📍 24h Vol %:                 -35.64%
💲 24h Vol:                     $51 B

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1.  IOTA Foundation, has released a new roadmap for 2020 with an emphasis on scalability and privacy issues. First of all, the IOTA Foundation plans to update the current IOTA technology stack in order to support the demand of real-world applications. Privacy issues will be solved by the Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) solution, which will allow devices of any size to emit and access encrypted data streams. IOTA also plans to upgrade its own wallet, Trinity.

2.  KT, the biggest telecommunications company in South Korea, will launch its blockchain-based digital currency later this month in the city of Busan. With a population of around 3.5 million, Busan is the second largest city in South Korea behind Seoul. The currency, called Dongbaek Currency is set to be launched on December 30. The digital currency is compatible with major banks like Hana Bank and Busan Bank, and the currency can be used at any local store with existing credit card readers.

3.  The hype around initial coin offerings may have quieted down in the States, but France seems to be taking a newfound interest. On Dec. 17th, France’s financial regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), granted the country’s first approval for an ICO application. The offering came from French-ICO, a company that has developed a platform for funding projects using cryptocurrency. The firm is the first to be white-listed and a notice has been posted on the AMF website.

4.  The Bitcoin network keeps improving in multiple parameters, and this time, mean block size peaked, carrying the heaviest set of transactions on record. A Bitcoin block has a variable size, though relatively small blocks usually propagate. There is no target or limitation, and the Bitcoin network has not set out to deliberately distribute large blocks. The record for BTC was purely organic, achieving a mean block size of 1.312 MBs. The observation also shows the Bitcoin network has gone through an almost constant growth in block sizes.

5.  Taiwanese mobile giant HTC has announced that it intends to focus on developing blockchain smartphones. As part of a major strategy change, the company will make further cuts to its team for the second year running but will continue to focus on developing new products. HTC says the downsize will allow it to retain an innovative edge for a selection of its products. This includes its virtual reality system VIVE, as well as the EXODUS, its series of blockchain-powered smartphones.

6.  Iran’s President has proposed to create a Muslim cryptocurrency as one of a number of means to confront the economic dominance of the United States. Speaking at an Islamic conference in Malaysia on Dec. 19, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called Muslim nations to strengthen financial and trade cooperation and to cut their reliance on U.S. dollar. As Rouhani argued that U.S. economic sanctions are the “main tools of domineering hegemony and bullying” of other nations.

7.  Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, expects the biggest banks in the world to adopt cryptocurrencies in 2020. The company's CEO Brad Garlinghouse expects the top 20 biggest banking institutions in the world to hold and trade digital assets. Along with other team members, he also anticipates that many government-backed currencies will be digitalized next year. Garlinghouse states that the industry will see some "consolidation" within crypto companies, meaning that many of them will probably disappear from the map.

8.  DappRadar, a web service that tracks the most popular decentralized applications (dapps), reports that Ethereum is still in the lead in terms of developer activity. Being the first smart contract blockchain, Ethereum remains the most significant in terms of the number of active dapps deployed, the depth of its development community, and growth in terms of users and value during 2019”. Ethereum’s dapp ecosystem rose 118% this year, with daily value surging 166%.

9.  Fold, the Bitcoin cashback app, is now offering holiday gift cards that allow shoppers to get up to 20% Bitcoin cashback back in exchange for sending gift cards to friends and family. Fold has combined a payment gateway with a rewards program to help grow the digital economy and to introduce Bitcoin to mainstream consumers through popular gift cards. Fold shoppers can spend Bitcoin rewards on their next purchase or save for later use. They can also withdraw it to a personal Bitcoin wallet.

10.  Hong Kong police have just frozen HK$70M ($10M USD) in funds that were intended for injured and arrested protestors. The case for financial freedom with Bitcoin has never been more clear. With Hong Kong’s financial autonomy only being increasingly squeezed, cryptocurrencies provide its citizens, and the rest of the world, with an alternative. Bitcoin cannot be censored by Beijing or any state, and therefore is the ideal alternative to those looking to exploit fiat currency for control.

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